Mom, Reluctant Mediator


    Here's a sample of the arguments I've had to mediate over the last few days, one of my least favorite "mom jobs." 

    One of my least favorite mom jobs is mediator. Why? Here's a sample of the arguments I've had to mediate over the last few days:

    ·      How much money my boys each have in their iTunes accounts. Maxon believed Ezra was lying.

    ·      Maxon hated Ezra's outfit (a plaid button-down shirt worn over an Eagles Jersey and white long-sleeve thermal with black track pants).

    ·      Which heating vent they get to sit on when it's cold in the house.

    ·      Maxon read the cover of Ezra's notebook and Ezra didn't want him to.

    ·      How long it took Ezra to run to the corner and back. Maxon says 24 seconds. Ezra says 17.

    ·      Whether or not Maxon liked Dora the Explorer when he was little.

    ·      How many pieces of gum Ezra has in his mouth.

    ·      Who gets the last piece of Bubble Yum.

    ·      Whether or not Ezra spat out the last piece of Bubble Yum that I split in half for them.

    ·      Who gets to be Obi Wan Kenobi in Lego Star Wars Wii.

    ·      Whether or not Ezra really read the book he says he read.

    ·       Who controls the heat in the backseat. Maxon wants it on 90. Ezra wants it on 79.

    ·      Who gets the helmet for the Lego Boba Fett minifigure. 

    ·      Which of the two identical stuffed manta rays is Maxon's.

    ·      Which of the 250 long ignored Pokemon cards that Ezra found and began sorting belong to Maxon. 

    While these may seem like innocuous issues, within a matter of seconds these conflicts escalate into arm twisting, face scratching, name-calling, Pokemon card throwing, Wii remote tossing smackdowns. I know that part of my role as a mom is to help teach my sons how to resolve fights on their own. I must not be very good at it. Despite my desire to not get involved, I realize that I intervene during every single one of their fights. 

    The question I have to ask myself is this: What would happen if I didn't step in at all?

    Now I am dying to find out. I am pretty confident I will get the chance within a matter of minutes.