Mock Chopped Liver from Little Miss Shiksa


    This Sephardic vegan substiture for chopped liver will have you asking to pass the matzah.

    One of the fun parts about writing for The Bubbi Project is sharing this blog with my friends. It's such an exciting topic of conversation — I mean, who doesn't loooove to talk about food these days! Here's a special Sephardic recipe (the inclusion of English peas makes this recipe kitniyot for Ashkenazi Jews) from one of my friends, Marissa Feldman just in time for your Passover seder:




    3 large onions, diced 

    3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

    1 cup (plus a smidge more) walnuts

    2-15 oz. cans Le Sueur very young small early peas, drained

    2 eggs, hard boiled

    salt and pepper, to taste


    1) In a large pan, sauté onions in olive oil over medium heat until caramelized. (The color should be very deep brown, but not burnt.)

    2) While onions are browning, finely chop walnuts in food processor. Remove from processor and set aside.

    3) Next, add peas, eggs and onions to food processor. Purée after each new ingredient is added.

    4) Add walnuts last. Pulse to incorporate into mixture. Season to taste.

    Refrigerate and enjoy with matzah!

    (The key here is the Le Sueur peas — there's something bout the the taste that Ryan's grandma and mom swear by. I'm not willing to risk a change!)

    Marissa is a 30-something living in Philadelphia with her Jewish husband and two cats. She loves cooking, dining out and the occasional (OK, frequent) kvetching about things that annoy her. Her dream is to one day be the best bubbi ever – filling her grandkids' palates to the brim with tasty treats.

    Pass the Matzah,

    The Bubbi Project