Lots of Latkes


    Bubbi's take on fruit compote, just in time for the Festival of Lights latkes.

    My fiance and I visited my Bubbi for a late lunch this past Sunday. She prepared vegetable soup, potato latkes with homemade compote, turkey burgers and her famous banana cake for dessert. My Bubbi loves to feed us — well, she loves to feed anyone. And, for a meal for three people, she’ll cook for six (and make us eat it all!).

    We really enjoyed topping the latkes with her compote, so I am sharing her recipe just in time for the Festival of Lights. Plus, it’s more fun than plain applesauce.

    Bubbi’s Compote

    Recipe by Lea Singer


    Apples, any variety, any amount
    Any other fruit you want to add (apricot, grapes, pears…)
    Lemon juice
    Sugar (substitute syrup, honey or other sweetner if you prefer)


    1. Peel and core apples and other fruits.

    2. Place in a sauce pan and fill with water to half the height of the fruit.

    3. Boil for 15 minutes.

    4. Add lemon juice and sugar.

    5. Mix with potato masher until fruit is crushed.

    6. Chill before serving.

    Tasty Toppings,

    The Bubbi Project