Kosher, Low-Calorie, Delicious … and FREE?!


    A new frozen confectionary in Center City opens its doors to give away free treats for the summer solstice.

    Believe it or not, June 21 signifies the official start of summer although these hot and humid days feels more like we are in the middle of the season. Like most of you, I like to cool myself down with cold treats. 

    Old standbys like Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry's, high-profile heirs to Dolly Madison's claim to fame, are still churning out ice cream, while Philadelphia favorites like Capogiro and Little Baby's already seem to have permanent lines in front of their refrigerated cases. Frozen yogurt hotshots like Red Mango, Pinkberry and Kiwi have their Taylor machines working overtime. And Lil' Pop Shop, which will be opening a South Street location to complement its original spot in University City, has been racking up "best-of" awards from publications across the country.

    Somewhere in the middle of all of this frozen flavor festival, there's The Lite Choice, Rittenhouse's newest kosher and gluten-free frozen treat.

    What you should know first is that they will be serving up free small cups or cones on June 21, from 11 a.m. through 10 p.m. at their new flagship store located at 1528 Walnut Street (actually on 16th Street between Walnut and Locust).

    “We’re excited to be open in Philadelphia, and decided to give away free samples during the first day of summer so everyone can come taste what we know are some of the best-tasting and healthiest frozen treats anywhere,” said store owner Jack Lynch.

    This dessert is low-fat, all-natural, low-calorie and produced on-site. More nutritional fun facts: everything served at The Lite Choice is free of corn syrup, preservatives and rBST (no hormones). But, don't call it "ice cream."

    "There is a technicality with respect to the amount of fat required to be classified as ‘ice cream,’ " explained Ed Newmark, the chairman and co-founder, along with his partner, Ron Greenstein, of The Lite Choice. "The minimum requirement is eight grams of fat per serving. Our product is around 1/2 of that. It hopefully sends the ice cream message — without the fat!" 

    And, you can taste the difference. I had a few samples the other day and the creamy texture wasn't lost, not one lick!

    Like the chain's outposts in its native New York, the Center City Lite Choice doesn't skimp on its flavor choices, offering up to 80 varieties like chocolate-covered strawberry and piña colada.

    Stay Cool,

    The Bubbi Project