Introducing the Bubbi Project!


    A few months ago, my friend Stephanie and I started something we've been calling The Bubbi Project. We're looking into how our grandmothers passed along the tradition of Jewish cooking, and how that food plays a really big role in our link with our history.

    After our grandmothers survived the Holocaust, they became friends while still in Europe, starting families together and both soon immigrating to America. Two generations later, our families continue to intertwine, and as the granddaughters of these amazing survivors, we're thankful every day to see a part of them inside of us. Never do we feel that more than when we are in our kitchens or our gardens, preparing food for the people we love. We believe the sustenance and flavors within our traditions leave an indelible mark on the meals we create, and now it's our turn to carry the torch.

    The centerpiece of The Bubbi Project is a recipe book. As we are not chefs (but can probably qualify as professional eaters), our aim is gather recipes from several Jewish/Israeli chefs. We know there are a lot of amazing chefs out there who credit their bubbis for fostering their love of the kitchen, so we are in the process of inviting them to develop and submit a recipe inspired by their bubbi to be included in the cookbook. The final product will essentially be a gathering of our collective memories and our bubbis' stories via our tastebuds.

    Through this new collaboration with the Jewish Exponent, this blog will share our view of the Philadelphia region’s food scene. Stay connected with us as we dish our opinions and ideas on holiday meals, feature a menu item from a restaurant that you MUST try, interview chefs and restaurateurs and guide you on ways to create healthy eating habits.

    Of course you will be part of this, too! Send us your family recipes and stories, and we’ll share them with the whole community.

    Here's to having fun with food!

    Einav Keet
    The Bubbi Project

    P.S. That’s me and my project partner, Stephanie Singer, in the pic! You’ll hear from her soon…stay tuned!