Foxy Senior


    Where can a senior woman go to meet some interesting senior men? Miriam's Advice Well has a number of suggestions.

    Dear Miriam,

    Where can seniors meet for social meet-ups in Center City Philadelphia for the purpose of dating? Are there speed dating places?  I am an active and sexy senior and would like to meet Jewish gentlemen.

    Foxy Senior

    Dear Foxy,

    Last year, I answered a question from "Someone's Parent," asking how to make friends in a new town as a retiree rather than a young adult. Clearly young adults remain my area of expertise, but ultimately, the advice doesn't have to be that different whether you're looking for a friend or a romance, and whether you're 25 or 75: put yourself in places where the kind of people who want to meet are likely to spend their time. Then, once you're there, be friendly and outgoing and make your contact information accessible so you can see these people again.

    In that previous post, I recommended the Gershman Y, local synagogues, adult education classes, and volunteer opportunities. Of course, check out the calendar section either in the print copy of the Jewish Exponent or online. Warren Hoffman of the Gershman Y offers this suggestion: become a docent at a local museum. Philadelphia is full of them, and the museums themselves are often full of older adults.  We live in a wonderful city with a plethora of activities to choose from, and since you're active and living downtown, you can take your pick!

    The Federation is also a great source of information about community events for all ages. According to Judy Woloff, a social worker with the Klein Center City Senior Program, which is part of the Raymond and Miriam Klein JCCs, says, "The Klein Center City Senior Program (which meets on Fridays at the Jewish Communal Services Building in Center City) offers classes, socialization, a Kabbalat Shabbat service, programs on Jewish culture, entertainment, a delicious kosher hot lunch and much, much more.  Occasionally couples do meet at senior programs!  We would love this senior citizen, and others, to know about our program, and the possibility of meeting Jewish gentlemen." If you'd like to find out more, you can reach Judy at 215-832-0540Plus, I'm happy to share that grad students from Hillel's Jewish Graduate Student Network regularly volunteer with this program, actually providing an intersection here of what you're asking and the age group I know best!

    At least one community in Florida is hosting speed dating for seniors. I recently got connected with some folks from HurryDate, which offers speed dating events broken up by age range and other specifications (like Jewish). Their oldest age range is 40-55, but they freely say that the age range is only a suggstion, so if you think you'd be interested in dating gentlemen who might attend this event, it's worth checking out. You could also contact HurryDate directly to request an older event, and if they get enough such requests, maybe they'll try it out. J-Date isn't just for young adults, and if you really want to focus your energy on dating rather than my other suggestions for getting involved in the community, it's worth signing up for that site or picking from one of the numerous other online dating sites. A quick google search indicates that there are a host of other online dating sites geared specifically towards seniors, though I suspect that any reputable site without an age range will probably have a larger database than a niche site. 

    Thanks for the push to do some research about seniors, who, of course, deserve to find love at least as much as the twenty-somethings I'm usually advising. I hope you have a wonderful time meeting new people, exploring the city and finding wonderful Jewish gentlemen!

    Be well,