Easy Appetizers for Your Thanksgiving Dinner Part II: Pickles


    The second installment in our "outside the turkey-stuffing-pumpkin pie box" series of Thanksgiving appetizer ideas.

    PICKLES!! Whether you like them crunchy, sour, dill or spicy, there’s a pickle for everyone! On childhood visits to my Bubbi’s house in Vineland, NJ, my family would visit our neighboring chicken farmers, the Goldmans. What I remember most about those trips was the pickles. Delicious, salty pickles. Lucky for you, my cousin saved the recipe. So here it is, just in time to add to your Thanksgiving feast…

    Louie Goldman's Pickle Recipe

    Medium-sized bunch of fresh dill
    8 cloves of garlic
    1 slice of rye bread
    18 small cucumbers
    4 Tbsp salt
    1 and 1/2 Tbsp white vinegar


    1) Thoroughly wash a 1 gallon Mason Jar or a few smaller Mason Jars
    2) Wash the dill, cut off the roots and place it on the bottom of the jar
    3) Thinly slice the garlic cloves and add to the jar
    4) Cut the bread into small pieces and mix it with the garlic & dill
    5) Wash the cucumbers and stack them flat in the jar. (You can be creative and add a few hot peppers if you are feeling spicy.)
    6) Add the salt and white vinegar
    7) Fill the rest of the jar with cold water, cover it tightly with the lid and shake
    8) Let the jar rest in a warm space for three days, then refrigerate.

    Happy Pickling,

    The Bubbi Project