Cookbooks to Devour This Summer


    Make sure your summer reading list saves room for these cookbooks!

    Your summer reading doesn't have to be limited to novels and memoirs. Cookbooks can be a ton of fun to read, especially when you have a bounty of fresh harvest in your kitchen. Here's a list of books that I recommend. And, of course, I'm interested in what you're reading, so please post your faves in the comments.

    1. The New Jewish Table by Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff Gray
    Very "Bubbi Project," this D.C.-based couple, of that city's Equinox, gives modern seasonal recipes for traditional dishes —fig and port wine blintzes and chocolate hazelnut rugelach. Yum!

    2. Jerusalem: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi
    The gorgeous photography in this book will surely draw you in and perhaps surprise you. This is a book that offers up a delicious cross-section of life in Jerusalem and includes recipes for non-Jewish (kosher) food. 

    3. The Mile End Cookbook by Noah and Rae Bernamoff
    Anytime you find yourself in Brooklyn, Mile End Deli is a MUST. For those of you who don't often travel, their cookbook will guide you through their very personal take on Jewish comfort food and DIY delicatessen and pickles.

    4. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman
    A dedicated food blogger and self-taught cook and food photographer, Perelman is my hero. Her book ranges from easy recipes like sweet peas and shells alfredo to chocolate peanut butter cookies that your dinner party guest will think you bought. 

    5. Farmstand Favorites Cookbook 
    This book gives over 300 recipes to inspire healthy living. On hot days like this, you could cool off with watermelon-apple gazpacho. 

    6. Washington, DC Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Nation's Capital by Beth Kanter, with photographs by Emily Goodstein
    This book's style will be familiar to anyone who has a copy of a similar one about Philadelphia chefs and their recipes. This collection takes you inside the capital's most celebrated restaurants, including the abovementioned Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff Gray's recipe for risotto fritters from Equinox.

    7. Pati's Mexican Table by Pati Jinich
    One of the most surprising finds in Jinich's paean to real Mexican home cooking is her go-to Passover brisket recipe, which originates from the Purépecha region in Michoacán. You're sure to find other delicious surprises in this book.