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DIY Glass Jar Menorah

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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Chanukah Lights DIY Crafts via Kiwi Magazine by Kris Bordessa, Photo by Andrew McCaul.

There are more ways to get into the holiday season beyond eating latkes and exchanging gifts. Here's a fun, family-friendly craft idea courtesy of my friends at KIWI Magazine that recycles glass jars into festive menorahs. So, dig up your leftover pickle and pasta sauce jars and get ready to light up your Chanukah ...

DIY Glass Jar Menorah


8 small glass jars
1 large glass jar
White paper
Several colors of nontoxic 3-D paint


1. Soak jars in warm soapy water to remove labels; dry.
2. Slip a rolled-up piece of white paper inside the jar. This will make it easier to see what you’re working on.
3. Add a simple shape — such as a flower, circle or star — using dots of one color of paint. Repeat the shape in several places on the jar. Another easy way to start is with a line around or across the jar.
4. Outline the shapes in a different color with more dots. Continue adding dots, either outlining the original shape or creating new patterns, until the entire jar is covered. You may need to take a break to allow the paint to dry as you move around the jar.
5. Once complete, put a votive candle or tea light in each jar.

Tip: By sticking with just three or four colors, all the pieces of your menorah will look great together no matter how many family members contribute their original designs.

To Masterpiece Menorahs,

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