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Barbeque or Grill, What's in Your Backyard?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
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My grill is ready for the season! Photo by Stephanie Singer

Since Memorial Day signifies the official beginning of BBQ season, let's discuss that question that often comes up: Which is better —charcoal or gas?

I just purchased a Weber charcoal grill after returning an enormous dual heating grill (that my husband bought). I would have gladly kept it if we had a suburban-sized backyard. But, since we live in the city, optimizing our small space is very important. Plus, I'd rather have more room for guests to sit comfortably while they patiently wait for their food to be cooked at our parties.

Other factors to consider besides space:

Charcoal will add a smokey flavor to whatever is on your grill, especially if you decide to use a smoking technique and add wood. Gas grilling is the exact same thing as putting a cast iron grill pan on your stovetop. That's also a good cooking technique, but it can't be described as barbequing.

You worked a long day, picked up your kids from daycare and have 25 minutes to get dinner on the table. In this situation, your gas grill will become your best friend. Charcoals take about 30 minutes just to heat up.

A quick online search will easily inform your decision. Charcoal grills are cheaper. But, do consider the fueling cost. A tank of gas will end up being a bit cheaper per grilling session than bags of charcoal.

Whichever you decide, may your grillables be perfectly 'que'd this season,

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