Wednesday, December 7, 2016 Kislev 7, 5777

Beth Judah Temple - The Shul at the Shore

Spencer and Pacific Avenues
Wildwood, NJ 08260

Beth Judah Temple (BJT) is the first and only conservative synagogue located at the southern New Jersey Shore area. Located in Wildwood, New Jersey; BJT is a destination point for all Jews wishing to connect to their religious roots. Beth Judah Temple is rich in history and very much a part of the the first Jewish settlement in the New Jersey. As early as 1882, Eastern Euopean Jews migrated from Russia to an area of New Jersey know as Vineland. The Alliance Land Trust in 1882 became part of the Baron de Hirsh Fund that served to colonize Woodbine in 1895. The first formally held Rosh Hashanah dates back to 1911 and was held in Wildwood, then know as Holly Beach. In 1915 Beth Judah Temple was incorporated as an Orthodox form of Hebrew worship (initially meeting in members homes). In 1919 the property located at Spencer and Pacific avenues was purchased and eventually rebuilt as a synagogue. In 1929 the new synagogue was officially dedicated. Beth Judah has always practiced Conservative Judaism but over the years has adapted to a more liberal minded faith and congregation. Today, Beth Judah Temple welcomes all Jews of all denominations to come, visit, worship, celebrate, share and learn about our beautiful heritage and faith!


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