Monday, April 27, 2015 Iyyar 8, 5775

Jennifer Raphael

Jewish Exponent Blogger

The recent media coverage surrounding sexual assault on college campuses reminded me that teaching my sons not to violate women is a lesson I will never shy away from. 


I'd like to think that while my sons watch me search for whatever they have lost, they'll absorb the proper way to "look" for things. But I have serious doubts that this will ever happen.


I know that my son's most recent finger-snappin', thigh-slappin', mom aggravatin' phase will eventually end, just like all its noisy but otherwise innocuous predecessors. But these habits do not bring out the best side of me. 


When I hear my boys speaking Hebrew or doing their assignments without being asked, it's like the sun is rising inside me. But I'm hiding my excitement just in case that might drive them away from continuing to enjoy the language that I had to force them to learn in the first place.


As I watched my sons collect loads of sweets from what amounted to an elaborate Halloween block party, I couldn't help but wonder if something was lost in mustering up the courage to ring a stranger's doorbell to hustle for candy.



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