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Agency's Guinness Attempt Falls Short of Record But Still Nets Volunteers

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Jewish Relief Agency employees and volunteers wore crowns while packing delivery boxes of non-perishable items on June 2 but they did not become Guinness Book of World Records royalty.
The nonprofit organization set out to break the record for largest number of people wearing a paper crown in one location but came up short. The record was actually secondary to the organization’s primary goal of trying to bring volunteers out to its Northeast warehouse, which is a more difficult task over the summer. On that front, at least, the organization succeeded, said Amy Krulik, JRA’s executive director.
“If we did it in January, it would be a cakewalk, but that’s not the point,” said Krulik. “About 100 more volunteers came out in June than we have had in past years.”
In order to break the record, the organization had to follow Guinness’ strict guidelines, which included setting up cameras at each exit and timing the record attempt with a calibrated stopwatch. Montgomery County Commission Chairman Josh Shapiro and State Sen. Daylin Leach acted as the official timekeepers. 
Krulik said the organization, which needed about 150 more volunteers to break the record of 749, might make a second attempt.

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