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Not Smiling

Miriam offeres perspectives on how to teach toddlers to respond to different kinds of attention from strangers. Dear Miriam, I live in Center City with my...

Coffee Caper Witness

A reader asks what to do when he learns about a stolen cup of coffee. Dear Miriam, I was in a line at a coffee shop...

Guarding the Garden

What do you do when a neighbor calls the city to complain about your garden? Dear Miriam, In my neighborhood, it's quite common for people to...

Reunion Gift

What do you send to a family reunion...when you're not part of the family? Dear Miriam, One of my very best friends is having a family...

Not a Recommended Gift

What should a professor do when a former student gives him a gift for writing letters of recommendation? Dear Miriam, I recently wrote several letters of...

A Couple of Complainers

Miriam helps someone deal with her friends who are constantly complaining about mutual friends.  Dear Miriam, My friends who are a couple are constantly complaining to...

Loathe to Lie

Miriam and her husband provide advice on what to do when you're caught in someone else's lies.  Dear Miriam, I just found out that a friend...

Another Shower Question

Should you go to a friend's baby shower if the whole idea makes you uncomfortable? It's time to talk superstition. Dear Miriam, One of my friends...

Snowy Shabbat

What to do about Shabbat plans on a snowy weekend? Dear Miriam, I have been planning to host a few friends for Shabbat lunch this Saturday,...
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Mommy Madness

Dear Miriam, Help! What do I do with my friends who are engaging in the dreaded "mommy wars?" Dear Miriam, Help! What do I do with...

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