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Exhausted by the Holidays

Miriam gives advice to a mom who is exhausted by the idea of future holidays with young kids. Dear Miriam, I remember when my husband and...

The Hairy Interview

Should a teacher get a new haircut right before applying for jobs? Dear Miriam, I'm about to begin interviewing for jobs as a teacher, and I'm...

Four at the Funeral

Should a four year old attend his great-grandmother's funeral? Miriam offers her advice. Dear Miriam, My grandmother's health has taken a turn for the worse and...

P is for Parenting

Miriam advises a parent who wants to know how to talk to her son about the latest news in the presidential election. Dear Miriam, My ten...

After the Advice

Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, Miriam follows up with readers who have asked her for advice over the years. Dear Readers,  As we prepare for...

Hesitant to Hug

Miriam answers a reader's question about how, or whether, to avoid unwanted hugs.  Dear Miriam, I recently relocated to the West Coast, and everybody hugs everybody...

Not Smiling

Miriam offeres perspectives on how to teach toddlers to respond to different kinds of attention from strangers. Dear Miriam, I live in Center City with my...

Coffee Caper Witness

A reader asks what to do when he learns about a stolen cup of coffee. Dear Miriam, I was in a line at a coffee shop...

Losing My Mom to Israel

Miriam advises a man whose mother is moving to Israel, leaving him behind with a host of difficult feelings. Dear Miriam, My parents divorced when I...

Dealing with Death

Miriam has advice for a mom whose toddler is exploring what death means. Dear Miriam, My toddler has been asking about death lately and bringing death into...

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