Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Elul 21, 5774
Adina Kay-Gross, Kveller.com
Our community isn’t doing enough to welcome in the young and exhausted who are just trying to connect, especially around the holidays, argues this young mother.
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The sweatshirt allegedly recalls the 1970 shooting in which four Kent University students, three of whom were Jewish, were shot and killed by the National Guard.
Ron Kampeas, JTA
The tiny emirate has longstanding Israel ties but remains a major backer of the Jewish state’s mortal enemies.
Cary Nelson
Faculty members and administrators must take the lead in modeling and establishing a proper campus climate for dialogue.
An Israeli government agency said the global terrorist threat should be taken seriously by Israeli travelers during the fall holidays.

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Do Synagogues do enough to welcome in the the young Jewish couple with a kid this time of year? http://t.co/qojEFFIaj6
8 hours 26 min ago
As anti-Israel organizing increases on campuses, we will see more angerdirected at those who defend Israeli policies. http://t.co/h4TNCxIjJb
10 hours 27 min ago
The global terrorist threat should be taken seriously by travelers to Israel during the fall holiday period. http://t.co/dMyqo5F6Tj
12 hours 26 min ago
Why Does Qatar Support Hamas? They have longstanding Israel ties but remain a major backer of Hamas. http://t.co/9o45TV7FKS
13 hours 50 min ago
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15 hours 21 min ago
As you prepare for Rosh consider taking written inventory of what you want to do differently this year and why. http://t.co/KtUKHzw0kV
17 hours 41 min ago
Ari Shavit is critical of the left who address occupation & overlook intimidation & the right who do the opposite. http://t.co/Ic9eARmX8o
3 days 5 hours ago
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We want to know what you think your rabbi should sermonize about this year? Email agottlieb@jewish­http://t.co/ZR0HeDqeTd. #highholidays
3 days 10 hours ago
The 12th annual Jessie's Day event is this Sunday. A great event for an incredible cause. http://t.co/ObqyCdsJQx http://t.co/b72PG2tbwa
3 days 11 hours ago
Click the link & see if a clever & potentially viral video can actually encourage young American Jews to make aliyah? http://t.co/GljSOaAjHK
3 days 13 hours ago
More than 50 11th grade students from @BarrackJBHA are starting the year in Israel, attending the Alexander Muss HS. http://t.co/HIazMKdH7H
3 days 15 hours ago
A basketball team of primarily 9th-graders at LowerMerion & Harriton high schools entered a team & named it Iron Dome http://t.co/95MrhWgcac
4 days 4 hours ago
Simon's Glatt Kosher Meats in NEPhilly was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti last night, the eve before Sept. 11. http://t.co/ykiAmQDgYK
4 days 5 hours ago
With fewer Jewish lawmakers, Jewish & pro-Israel organizations are in danger of losing the access they once enjoyed. http://t.co/WPdqrKVDkb
4 days 7 hours ago
Temple Student Charged, Defending Israel, Prepping for the Holidays - http://t.co/O3U9M8wtwp
4 days 8 hours ago
#TBT The Jewish Exponent's front cover 13 years ago, 2 days after the tragic events of 9-11. http://t.co/SFS144K9yy
4 days 10 hours ago
A new biography highlights the sweeping impact Albert M. Greenfield had on Philadelphia in the 20th century. http://t.co/w3kRj8GTnr
4 days 11 hours ago
RT this amazing fact! Ashkenazi Jews can all trace their ancestry to a gene pool of just 350 individuals! http://t.co/CyCQYuMNQb
4 days 14 hours ago
Obama pledged to destroy ISIS last night. The day before the 13-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. http://t.co/h907FbKxfj
4 days 15 hours ago
Miriam's Advice Well is always looking for new topics to explore. Email questions to marketing@jewishexponent.com. http://t.co/vxRYiqeuts
5 days 7 hours ago
RT @SkaiBlueMedia: Thank you to the @jewishexponent for naming the Schwartz family of @Jessiesday03 this month's #Mitzvah Heroes! http://t.…
5 days 7 hours ago
A half-century after its unexpected success, Sallah stands as a landmark of Israeli cinema & a window on a bygone era http://t.co/mhw8lNp7L0
5 days 8 hours ago
Food blogger Michael Bomze, a Main Line math teacher, has foraged, studied, cooked & farmed in China, India & Turkey. http://t.co/9QJ7R5S3nf
5 days 10 hours ago