Friday, September 19, 2014 Elul 24, 5774
Matthew Kitzen-Abelson, JE feature
A classical piece written in 2011 for trombone, shofar and orchestra, Tekeeyah brings audiences "to tears."
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Israeli officials are cautioning the United States against accommodating Iran during the current effort to degrade ISIS.
About a dozen Jews from the Philadelphia area joined hundreds of people who traveled to Harrisburg on Tuesday to try and prompt action on gun-control legislation.
Fred Hersch's jazz trio is gearing up for the Philly-hosted OutBeat Jazz festival, the first event of its kind to focus solely on gay performers.
Thanks to at least five local restaurants, you can treat yourself to a fabulous holiday dinner with little or no work on your part.

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Fri. Sep 19
Temple Sinai
6:30 PM
Fri. Sep 19
7:00 PM
Fri. Sep 19
Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel
7:00 PM



Fred Hersch, prominent gay jazz musician. Happy to be taking part in the OutBeat Jazz festival.
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We are all over Social Media!
1 hour 57 min ago
Do you agree that Iran is a “thousand times” greater a threat to the world than ISIS? RT and include your answer.
2 hours 57 min ago
The Rosh Hashanah edition of the Exponent.
3 hours 57 min ago
Did you know that the Exponent produces more content today than ever before in its 127 year history?
4 hours 57 min ago
Philadelphia Jews and gun-control legislation.
5 hours 48 min ago
Documentary about son of a Hamas founder explores espionage, terrorism & personal cost inflicted on those involved.
18 hours 27 min ago
May you be inscribed for a reservation. There's a way to enjoy a fabulous holiday dinner with no work on your part.
19 hours 57 min ago
It is so easy to #aphillyate with your Jewish community. Download our app for starters!!!
21 hours 27 min ago
Shmita, Climate Change, High Holidays Contemplations -
22 hours 57 min ago
After 60 years of allowing secular Jews to maintain their Jewish identity the Sholom Aleichem Club will soon disband.
1 day 12 min ago
Local Jewish environmentalists of all ages are heading to New York City to advocate for action on climate change.
1 day 1 hour ago
RT @HFLPhilly: Read about our work and our 30th anniversary celebration in this week's @jewishexponent.
1 day 1 hour ago
A former Exponent editor remembers interviewing the Jewish author of Where the Wild Things Are. #TBT
1 day 2 hours ago
Lynne Abraham, who served Philly's DA for 20 years beginning in 1991, will be announcing her run for mayor.
1 day 4 hours ago
Scotland’s criticism of Israel’s recent war with Hamas has pushed some Scottish Jews to support remaining in the UK.
1 day 7 hours ago
Hebrew Interest Free Loan Society is still going strong after 30 years!
1 day 20 hours ago
In a year with no shortage of bad news, these 10 Jewish individuals or groups inspired or impressed us in 5774.
1 day 22 hours ago
A Jewish World War 2 Private is finally buried 70 years later!
2 days 29 min ago
Jews, climate change and New York City!!
2 days 1 hour ago
Where should divorced parents stand at their childrens' wedding ceremonies?
2 days 3 hours ago
Jewish institutions must be wary of returnees who are trained and indoctrinated by the jihadist group ISIS.
2 days 4 hours ago
Here is a radical proposal for the New Year: Forget the guilt & become the best possible version of yourself.
2 days 23 hours ago
Free train tickets you say?
3 days 1 hour ago
Following Scotland’s intense criticism of Israel’s war with Hamas, many Scottish Jews support remaining in the UK.
3 days 3 hours ago