Three Young Leaders Honored by Jewish Federation

From left: Susanna Lachs Adler, Andrew Yaffe, Elizabeth Fineman and Marc Prine

On September 27th, the Jewish Federation presented awards to three young, exemplary individuals.

The Young Leadership awards are presented to those who represent the best of Jewish values in their professional careers and in their contributions to the Jewish community. At a special ceremony at the Jewish Federation, Board Chair Susanna Lachs Adler presented the awards to Elizabeth Fineman, Marc Prine and Andrew Yaffe. “We at the Jewish Federation are thankful for your service and proud of their accomplishments,” Adler said as she kicked off the ceremony.

The Mrs. Isadore Kohn Young Leadership Award was presented to Elizabeth Fineman. Fineman, a family law attorney at Antheil Maslow and MacMinn in Doylestown, has a long history of engagement and leadership within the Jewish Federation. She is the vice chair of the NextGen board and a member of the Women’s Philanthropy Board, Campaign Cabinet, Legacy Society and soon the Board of Trustees.

“What first drew me in to the Jewish Federation was the opportunity to meet new people, do something new and different, volunteer and have fun while doing it,” she said. “As it turns out, while I do give of my time and monies to Jewish Federation, Jewish Federation has given me so much more. Learning about all Jewish Federation does in our community, and especially seeing it firsthand through LDP and Israel360, I have had the opportunity to actually see the impact of Jewish Federation in action.”

Fineman and a few other young professionals were the first NextGen members to start a legacy gift, a tradition that she hopes will continue well into the future.

“I knew my financial gift was not just about making sure Jewish Federation was viable today but that it can continue its mission well into the future,” she concluded.

The Myer and Rosaline Feinstein Young Leadership Award was presented to Marc Prine. Prine is a director in the consulting and assessment practice at Taylor Strategy Partners, where he works with clients on improving their performance by using data to better select and develop their people. He is the chair of NextGen and a member of the Board of Trustees. He credits his interest in Jewish life back to his undergraduate days at Temple, where he was encouraged to join the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity by his family.

Prine’s acceptance speech centered on a question.

“My passion for young Jewish Philadelphia has nothing to do with my age, but the hope that NextGen chairs after me are not asked the same question: Why does Jewish philanthropy and Jewish Federation still matter?” he asked. For Prine, it’s events like Super Sunday, which highlights the diversity and inclusion of the Jewish Federation, that truly exemplify the strength of the Jewish Federation as a community convener. He also encouraged the Jewish Federation to stand strong through difficult times. “We must not waver on who we are and what we stand for,” he said.

The Jack Goldenberg Young Leadership Award was presented to Andrew Yaffe. Yaffe is the founder and president of AY Industries, a Philadelphia-based real estate development, investment and management firm. He is an active member of the Jewish Federation’s real estate affinity group and NextGen’s Ben Gurion Society. In the spring of 2017, Yaffe chaired the Inaugural Young Friends Fundraiser for Birthright Israel in partnership with the Jewish Federation.

Yaffe credited his connection to Jewish philanthropy to his upbringing: His grandparents were founding members of the Greater North East Jewish Congregation and active volunteers at what was then Klein JCC, often bringing Yaffe with them.

“All the great benefits that I have witnessed firsthand from the Klein JCC are just one example of an incredible community service that would not be possible without the support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia,” he said. He credits the Jewish Federation for providing him a platform to achieve some of his personal goals: do well and do good. While the affinity groups and NextGen have provided him the resources to excel in his career, he also is thankful for the opportunity to give something back.

He concluded, “With all the benefits I receive, and from the lessons instilled in me by my family, it is only right that I do what I can to give back to the Jewish Federation and Jewish community … or do good.”