A Day in ‘Israel’ for Ramah Day Campers


Some 300 Ramah Day Camp kids "flew" to Israel to explore the sights and sounds of the Jewish state during an annual Yom Israel celebration on the Elkins Park campgrounds.


Wouldn’t you like to fly?

Three-hundred Ramah Day Camp kids shouted their approval for what turned out to be a soaring experience at the camp’s annual Yom Israel celebration on the Elkins Park campgrounds.

Before boarding the makeshift Ramah Air — was that El Al turning green with envy? — the campers went through passport control and, of course, security. Once onboard the massive "jet" (with surprisingly comfortable seats), they watched a movie extolling their destination of Israel, a blockbuster produced, directed, written and acted by campers with the obligatory — and cute — special effects.

Even throw-up bags were provided.

After they touched down and touched their lips to the ground, the campers, ages 4 to 12, went on to the sights and sounds of Israel-in-Elkins Park.

OK, so it wasn’t the real Israel. But it was close enough for everyone to have a great sand-filled day (yes, there was a sandbox as well).

Exclaimed Noam Avraham, 6: “It’s the best day ever!”


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