US Airways Again Flying Philly to Israel


It's first resumed flight is scheduled to take  off Friday night.

US Airways is expected to again start flying from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv Friday evening.

The Federal Aviation Administration had lifted a ban Wednesday on flights from the United States to Israel, but a spokeswomanfor US Airways stated on Thursday that the airline had not yet decided when it would resume the flights. 

According to Victoria Lupica, spokeswoman for American Airlines, which has merged with US Airways, a flight to Tel Aviv did leave Philadelphia International Airport at 9:10 p.m. on Thursday but then returned for a maintenance issue after which it was cancelled. A flight from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia on Friday would have used the same plane, so that, too, was cancelled, she said. The cancellation was not related to the FAA ban, she said, which was implemeneted on Tuesday after a rocket fired by Hamas in Gaza landed about a mile from Ben Gurion International Airport. 

The daily flight, scheduled for 9:10 p.m. Friday from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv, was expected to depart as planned.


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