Philadelphia Jewish Federation Calls on Community to Support Israel


The Jewish Federation has begun a Support Israel Emergency Fund whose proceeds will go toward humanitarian needs of Israelis affected by the Gaza conflict.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is joining a national Israel emergency fund campaign to raise funds for Israelis affected by the ongoing conflict with Gaza.

In a a letter to the community, Federation officials said it is "unacceptable" that no one in Israel, particularly in the South, has any semblance of a normal life. Many children are traumatized."

"Our Federation is compelled at this very serious time to take action," they said. "We strongly encourage you to join us in standing with our family in Israel" by contributing to the fund.  

The funds will be directed to humanitarian needs of Israeli civilians affected by the Gaza conflict.

In Ashdod, a man was severely injured when a rocket struck the oil truck he was driving and a woman in her seventies died near Haifa while running to a bomb shelter as a warning siren blared an incoming missile strike.

 Since June 30, hundreds of rockets have been fired from Gaza over the Israeli population, many of them downed by the Iron Dome defensive system.



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