Letters of the Week of June 19, 2014


Readers pen their thoughts on the Presbyterian General Assembly’s consideration of participating in the BDS movement, Jewish contributions to the Renaissance and prisoner exchanges.

Presbyterians ‘Occupy’ Wrong Moral Ground 
The Presbyterian General Assembly’s consideration of participation in the BDS movement brands it as duplicitous, hypocritical, anti-Semitic and ignorant (Headlines, “Pro-Israel Advocates Downplay Presbyterian Assembly,” June 12).
If it were truly sincere, the group would direct its focus to the numerous Islamic countries where the type of oppression they associate with the Israeli “occupation” has been institutionalized and where Jews and Christians alike, as well as their own citizens, are deprived of basic human rights.
Or they could look closer to home, remove all church property from “occupied” land wrongly taken from American Indians, and divest from companies doing business with the United States until the reservations, also places of great human suffering, are closed and their land is restored to them.
As this is never going to happen, it’s all too historically convenient to blame and punish the Jews for the problems of the Middle East — and the rest of the world for that matter — while neglecting to address the problems where the church’s economic influence could perhaps be put to best use. 
Marc Werlinsky | Broomall

Jews Contributed to the Renaissance

In the article concerning the Renaissance Faire, contributions of prominent Jews of that period are not mentioned (Lifestyle & Culture, “Jewish Actors Faire Well,” June 5).

Among them are the poet Imanuele di Roma; the remarkable Dona Gracia Mendes (involved in the return of Jews to Israel); her son Don Joseph Nasi; the finance minister and biblical scholar Don Issac Abarbanel; the physician and Talmudic scholar Obadiah of Bertinore; the composer Salomone da Rossi and the first operatic diva, Madama Europa.
The roles of Jews in Renaissance politics and culture should be acknowledged by writers and actors alike. Not all European Jews came from Anatevka.
Nahum J. Duker, M.D. | Melrose Park
Now, How About Releasing Pollard?
It’s nice to see President Barack Obama using Israel’s uneven prisoner exchange policy with Afghanistan. He knows what it is like. 
Now, since only one prisoner is returning home to our country, why not thank Israel for the solution by releasing Jonathan Pollard?
Fredric Nason | Lansdale


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