Letters the Week of February 6, 2014


One reader feels that diplomacy with Iran has already failed, while another questions the legitimacy of the Jewish push to release Jonathan Pollard.

Iran Diplomacy Has Already Failed

Your last issue, Jan. 30, reported that the Ploughshares Fund, working together with J Street and Americans for Peace Now, is working to block new congressional sanctions against Iran.

They claim that sanctions undermine the chances for using diplomacy to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. But diplomacy has already failed. The former deputy chief head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said recently that Iran is just two to three weeks away from having a full-fledged nuclear weapon. While it would be wonderful if a gentler approach to Iran could succeed, our experience so far indicates that its Islamic fundamentalist regime is simply using the negotiations as cover to continue building nuclear arms.

The path advocated by the Ploughshares Fund seems to be based on wishful thinking, and certainly not on genuine concern for protecting Israel from being wiped out by Iranian nukes. An article featured on the Ploughshares website complains about what it calls “the stark contrast between the rigorous attention given to Iran’s nuclear energy program, which could, potentially, one day result in a nuclear weapon, and the remarkable lack of scrutiny of Israel’s advanced nuclear weapons program.”

Evidently the Ploughshares crowd has trouble distinguishing between a democratic country that is defending itself, and a totalitarian regime that keeps threatening to commit genocide. There really is a good guy and a bad guy in this equation, and Israel is the good guy.

Anybody familiar with the Ploughshares Fund’s history should not be surprised. Back in the 1980s, it supported the nuclear freeze initiative, which would have ensured a continuing nuclear advantage for the Soviet Union. Ploughshares treated the United States and the USSR as morally equal, like Israel and Iran, and opposed actions such as NATO’s decision to station medium-range missiles in Europe to counter Soviet deployments. History has proven who was right: standing up to the Soviets was what helped bring about the collapse of their evil regime. Standing up to Iran today is likely to have a similar outcome.

Benyamin Korn, Chairman, Philadelphia Chapter of the Religious Zionists of America

What’s Jewish About the Showgirl?

With regard to the story “A Life Out of Sequins: Memoirs of the Daughter of a Showgirl,” (Cover story, Jan. 23), one can only wonder what this is doing in a Jewish newspaper and website.

The piece is devoid of any Jewish context whatsoever. The words “Jew,” “Jewish”  or “Judaism” never appear. Has the Exponent really sunk so low as to merely making appeals to people’s prurient interests? Embarrassing for you.

Lee Fiederer, Elkins Park

Pollard Support is a Shanda

If the United States releases the Pollard (Editorial: “Time to Free Pollard,” Jan. 9) who financially spied for Israel, then what do we do with the Pollard who did the same for South Africa and tried to do the same for Pakistan, our Muslim friend with the A bomb?

The Jewish groundswell for Pollard’s release is a shanda for the Jews because it tells all those who don’t want his release that American Jews care more about even scurrilous Jews than about his treason — or anything else.

Jerry Axelrod, Huntingdon Valley



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