Letters the Week of Jan. 23, 2014


Italy Set Path for International Holocaust Day

Tammy Hertzbach, a Philadelphia-area resident, was born in Italy after World War II. A child of Holocaust survivors, her family’s story during and after the Holocaust is harrowing, yet inspiring.

Sadly, with each passing year, fewer survivors exist to tell their stories. The vacuum is filled by increasingly vocal Holocaust deniers. That’s why it is critical to remember.

In 2000, Italy proclaimed Jan. 27, the anniversary of the 1945 liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, a national day to commemorate Holocaust victims and those who risked their lives to try to save others. Other nations followed and in 2005, the U.N. General Assembly designated the day International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

It is a day to remember the past and work to counter those voices that would deny the truth. Let’s commemorate all the victims of the Holocaust and of other instances of genocide. Let’s listen to Tammy and other survivors who bear witness and exemplify courage to persevere.

Wherever we see suffering and mistreatment, let us acknowledge it and strive to end it. In that way, we honor those who perished, and preserve the lessons of the past.

Marcia Bronstein, Regional Director, American Jewish Committee

Sharon Won Damages from Time

The Exponent report implies that Ariel Sharon’s suit for libel against Time magazine ended when a New York jury found the libel was not malicious (Cover story: “The Last of the Warrior Statesmen,” Jan. 16). This is not accurate. Sharon also sued in Israel, where malice is not required, and Time was liable for significant damages.

Burton Caine, Professor of Law, Temple University Law School

Speak Up With Support for Kerry

Regarding your editorial (“Talks, Not Terror,” Jan. 2): It is now time that the silent majority of American Jews let their leaders know that they do strongly support Secretary of State John Kerry’s strenuous efforts to help Israel and the Palestinians make the real and painful compromises necessary to achieve the two-state solution that will preserve Israel as a democratic, Jewish homeland.

Harold Jacobs, Philadelphia

Don’t Make Pollard a Political Pawn

Periodically, there are pleas to free Jonathan Pollard on the basis he only leaked classified information to Israel, a close ally in the Mideast. (Editorial: “Time To Free Pollard,” Jan. 9.) Mr. Pollard should be released, but not for this reason. He should be released for humanitarian reasons since he has served 28 years in prison and is in poor health. Although some Jews prefer not to admit it, Israel is a foreign country and is no more entitled to classified information than Great Britain, France or other vital allies.

Today, many prisoners with life sentences are released after serving the amount of time Jonathan Pollard has served. He is no longer a threat to our county’s security. He should be released and not used as a political pawn.

Ralph D. Bloch, Warrington



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