Greece Cuts Off Funding for Neo-Nazi Party


Greek lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to withhold funds from the ultra-nationalist party that is seen by many as a criminal organization.

ATHENS, Greece — The Greek parliament has voted to cut off state funding for the neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic Golden Dawn Party.

The move is part of an ongoing crackdown against the ultra-nationalist party, whose leaders have been arrested and charged with running a criminal organization. Party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos has publicly denied the Holocaust, as have other members of the organization.

On Wednesday, lawmakers voted 241-26 to suspend state funding of $1.2 million, which the party had been eligible for after 18 members were elected to parliament last year.

As part of efforts to combat Golden Dawn, a new law was recently introduced that would bar funding for parties whose leaders are charged with involvement in a criminal organization or terrorism.

Learn more about the Golden Dawn's troubling political rise by clicking the video icon on the top right of the screen.


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