Philadelphians Join Shoah Foundation Salute to Clooney


A party of prominent Philadelphians headed to New York for a USC Shoah Foundation dinner honoring actor George Clooney.

Philadelphians showed up as a sizable contingent when the USC Shoah Foundation recently honored George Clooney, the Oscar-winning actor/director/producer, for his humanitarian work at the Ambassadors for Humanity Gala in New York. Among them was Steve Cozen, a prominent local attorney who chairs the USC Shoah Foundation Initiative, and communal stalwarts Ron and Marcia Rubin (left) and Susan and Lenny Klehr. 

Clooney was honored for spearheading relief efforts for Third World countries, notably his attempts to feed the people of Biafra in its ongoing battle against famine. He has been hailed by the media for using his celebrity for good.


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