Travel Guru Celebrates 100 Years


After nearly 60 years as a certified travel consultant, no wonder Hanley Rubinsohn is able to trip the light fantastic at his 100th birthday.


Maybe the nation’s chief executive should have conferred with Abington resident Hanley Rubinsohn about life and longevity before he took up health care matters with Congress. But President Barack Obama as well as First Lady Michelle Obama did take note of Rubinsohn's 100th birthday, sending the travel business pioneer a congratulatory letter on his milestone.

The centennial was celebrated with Rubinsohn's children, Bill and Amy, along with scores of others at a bash held at the Philmont Country Club in Huntingdon Valley.

The Obamas weren’t alone in sending their best wishes. Praise came in from local, state and other federal leaders for the travel guru, who retired from the business just two years ago. He became a certified travel consultant 59 years ago.