Video Game Recreates Anne Frank’s Life in Hiding


A new interactive video game allows users to relive a day in the life of diarist and Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

BERLIN — An interactive video game will allow users to relive a day in the life of Holocaust diarist Anne Frank.
The focus of the game, simply titled “Anne Frank,” is the day in October 1942 that the teenage Anne wrote in her diary about her fears that a worker was about to discover the family’s hiding place in Amsterdam, German media reported.
German video designer Kira Resari, 25, calls the game an “interactive experience” that was not meant to be “fun.” It is not yet available for sale. “It’s more like you get carried away, touched, and perhaps moved to tears,” he told the Protestant online news portal, adding that he “would not give away the ending.”
“I want to make a contribution toward ensuring that she is never forgotten,” he said. “Younger generations need access to history on their own wavelength.”
A spokesman for the Anne Frank Center in Berlin, Scott-Hendryk Dillan, said the center has been aware of the project since March but has not yet evaluated it.
“We are getting in touch with the creator,” he said.


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