Letters week of Sept. 28, 2006



Hold on a Minute — We're Doing Our Part!

I was offended by Arthur Hill's letter ("Checks Work, but What About Some Volunteers?" Aug. 31).

Right before reading the Jewish Exponent that week, I had been speaking to my daughter in Jerusalem. She left her safe, comfortable home at the height of the recent Israel-Lebanon conflict to supervise a group of American youth volunteers in Israel.

These courageous young men and women went despite the obvious danger because of their intense love for Judaism and for Eretz Yisrael.

Many young American adults have gratuitously given their time, blood, sweat and tears to our homeland. I myself am the parent of four independent, intensely patriotic children, all of whom have volunteered there at various times.

I feel Mr. Hill owes an apology to every parent who has allowed and encouraged their children to follow their hearts and help their brethren.

We join hands and hearts with the parents of Israel, whose children willingly and lovingly defend the Jewish state.
Cynthia Razon
Maple Glen

Who's Gonna Tackle Iran? Not the United States!

I liked Jonathan Tobin's column about the need to face up to the threat from Iran and its nuclear-weapons development program (A Matter of Opinion: "Clear and Present Danger Ahead," Sept. 14).

But I disagree with Tobin's dismissal of the possibility that Israel will do something about Iran. I believe that Israel will have no choice but to take out as much of the Iranian nuclear facilities as it can.

Either Israel has to do it, or the United States has to do it.

But I don't think the United States has the guts.
Mort Zablotsky
Boynton Beach, Fla.

Bush Needs to Act Now, Before It's 'Too Late'

I agree with Jonathan Tobin regarding the threat posed by Iran (A Matter of Opinion: "Clear and Present Danger Ahead," Sept. 14).

But I disagree when he writes that "the United States — whether it is led by Republicans or a Democrat — will have to swallow hard and act" upon this threat.

If Tobin believes that a Democratic president — if one were elected in 2008 — would use military force against Iran, then he is delusional.

The dominant left wing of the Democratic Party — with the enthusiastic support of many of our misguided co-religionists — lacks the will to use military force in the defense of America's interests anywhere.

After running against the Iraq war in the 2006 congressional election and undoubtedly in the 2008 presidential election — and after having demonized President Bush for invading Iraq on the allegedly fraudulent basis of "non-existent" weapons of mass destruction, and having trashed the entire concept of pre-emption — no Democrat would dare use military action against Iran.

This will leave the reality of a nuclear-armed Iran threatening Israel and our other allies.

One can only hope that President Bush will have the courage necessary to use military force against Iran prior to the expiration of his term.

As Douglas MacArthur observed, the history of failure in war can be summarized in two words — "too late."
Steven Weiss
Fairfax, Va.

Can You Imagine a World Without Islamic Fascists?

Recently, Pope Benedict XVI undertook the formidable task of attempting to promote religious tolerance in a volatile climate of Islamic-extremism fueled violence (Editorial: "Who Should Apologize?" Sept. 21).

He has found it necessary to apologize for even bringing up the subject. But he is right. It is the silent majority of Muslims who need to hear him. But because of the ultra sensitivity of the subject, he could not say what needs to be said.

Just imagine a world without Islamic fascists: There would be no terrorists, global jihad, hijackings, bombings, violence against non-Muslims, ayatollahs, totalitarian Middle East states hoarding oil and abusing women.

There would be no PLO, Arafat, Fatah, Ahmadinejad, Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, calls for death to America and Israel, a culture of death, violence toward women, hatred of non-Muslims, madrassahs indoctrinating young children to strap on bomb belts and become suicide bombers.

Maybe then, we can all get along in peace and tolerance as equals, and not have to expend precious resources fighting this scourge.
Lee Bender

A Trip That Resonates With Local Educators

This past summer, along with six of my fellow staff members and approximately 40 other early-childhood educators from the Philadelphia area, I was privileged to experience a memorable and exciting trip to Israel.

The trip was sponsored, coordinated and partially subsidized by the Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

We visited early-childhood centers, as well as famous landmarks. We spent time in study sessions, where we shared ideas about infusing our curriculums with information that we gleaned from our visit.

Our group is continuing to meet in order to keep the Israel experience fresh in our minds. We hope to impart to our students and their families a greater awareness and love for the State of Israel.

A trip there is the greatest gift the Jewish community can give to its educators and students. It is my hope that this program will become an ongoing event, in order to ensure a strong, vibrant, joyful Jewish identity in every Jewish child.
Cissy Plotnick
Preschool director
Ann Newman Preschool
Temple Sinai


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