Wasting Ev​eryone’s Time



The latest chapter of the ongoing saga of the federal prosecution of two men who were formerly key analysts working for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee involved a ruling earlier this month by a federal judge that allowed the case against them to go forward, and even raised the specter that they might be considered "foreign agents."

Like much of the case against Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, this line of inquiry is utterly specious.

By asking questions of government officials about U.S. policy, Rosen and Weissman were not only doing what virtually every member of the media and the lobbyist community in Washington, D.C., do every day. They were also acting in the best democratic traditions of our country. Singling out these AIPAC analysts and the leaking of key information about this dubious prosecution speaks of prejudice against Israel within the Justice Department — not a defense of our nation's laws.

This case is a waste of the government's time and energy — time and energy that could be better put to use fighting the war on terror, rather than in trying to stigmatize our staunchest ally in that fight. 



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