Walkin​g the Plank, and Lovin’ It



Looking for a new way to spice up your barbecue? Try cedar plank grilling. Cedar plank grilling infuses food with delicious smoky flavor. The joy of this method is it requires little supervision, so you can spend less time at the barbecue and more time with family and friends.

You can purchase untreated cedar planks at your local grocery, specialty food or hardware store. The plank should measure about 14x7x1-inches. Be sure to purchase untreated planks to avoid chemical contamination of food.

You don't have to limit yourself to cedar. Try untreated oak, maple, cherry or apple wood planks for different flavors.

Before grilling, you must immerse the plank in water and let it soak for at least four hours or overnight. You may have to weigh the plank down with a soup can.

When you are ready to cook, preheat the grill to medium heat. Using a barbecue or pastry brush, brush one side of the plank with vegetable oil. This will help prevent food from sticking to the wood. Top the plank with meat, and place the plank on the center of the grill grate. Close the lid.

Grill the meat to desired doneness. Check back occasionally to ensure the plank doesn't flare up. Spritz any flames with a water bottle if necessary.

Brush the meat or fish with barbecue sauce during the last 20 minutes of grilling time.

Remove the meat from the plank and turn off your grill. Let the plank cool on the grill grate before removing it.



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