Memories of the Way They Were …

Sesame/Rockwood Day Camp recently celebrated its 60th anniversary reunion with some 300 erstwhile campers in attendance roasting marshmallow memories. For many it was more like a family affair: Steven Bernstein, director of Diamond Ridge Camps — sister camps to Sesame/Rockwood — met the woman he would marry, Brooke, at S/R some 20 years ago. And Josh Shapiro — who would later grow up to be what he is today, chairman of Montgomery County Commissioners — was a camper of Bernstein’s who later became his co-counselor. And here they are today, with their bonfire of the histories, at the reunion. History, indeed, repeats itself: Bernstein’s twin boys share the same bunk as Shapiro’s son at Diamond Ridge while their 10-year-old daughters are camp buddies. Front row, from left, are Noah and Heath Bernstein,8; Jonah Shapiro, 8; and Max Shapiro, 4; (middle row, from left) Makayla Bernstein, 10, and Sophia Shapiro, 11; and (back row, from left) Steven and Brooke Bernstein; with Josh and Lori Shapiro, holding their 2-year-old, Reuben.


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