Business Web Site Gets Targeted



The Web site for Teva Landscaping, a local business run by native Israeli Ami Dolev, 36, was hacked into and vandalized with anti-Semitic, anti-Israel statements.

The messages, which claimed to be from an Algerian hacker, contained the words "StOp War in Al-Aqsa Mosque," [sic] featured graphic photos of victims from recent Israeli conflicts, and referred to Israelis as "the real criminals."

The text concluded with the warning: "We will hack your servers as long as the Palestinians get murdered!"

Upon discovering the harsh language, Dolev, said that he contacted State Rep. Josh Shapiro (D-District 153) asking for advice. Shapiro told him to call the Cheltenham Township police, where the business is located.

Dolev filed a police report that evening. He said he was advised that in situations like this — meaning the vast scope of the Internet — it can be difficult to find the culprit.

Part of what was also perplexing, said Dolev, was that one of his company's billboards near the Walt Whitman Bridge was vandalized about two months ago. That graffiti was not explicitly anti-Semitic, and so Dolev said that he wasn't sure whether the two incidents were related.

"I told my employees and I told my family just to watch it, because it's a little bit different being in Israel than America. Here, we're the minority, so we have to keep an eye out," said Dolev.

Detective Sgt. Steve Malone of the Cheltenham Township Police said that Dolev "did what he should've done," notifying the authorities and his Web master to promptly take down the damage.

He also said that when these incidents occur, the police often suggest that victims also contact the Anti-Defamation League and the FBI.


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