Letters week of May 29, 2008



Victims of Terror Deserve Coverage in 'Exponent' 
Earlier this month, two Jews — Shuli Katz and Jimmy Kdoshim — were murdered in cold blood in Israel. They were the victims of Palestinian terrorist rockets fired from Gaza.

I read through the May 15 Jewish Exponent twice, hoping to see their names and read about who these people were. I was disappointed at not seeing them in the paper, other than a passing reference to the deaths in your editorial ("Terror on the March," May 15).

Make no mistake about it, Katz and Kdoshim were killed because they were Jewish. They were not targeted because of a traffic dispute or a business deal gone wrong.

Exponent readers must be made aware that real Jews who led real lives and had real families are being killed by Palestinians, and many thousands of others are sitting ducks, spared, for now, only by God's mercy.

Furthermore, it doesn't matter which group fired the rockets since there was no condemnation of the attacks by any Palestinians — not even the supposed moderates.

This, too, is a fact your readers should know about. 
Sid Karp 

Bush Middle-East Disaster Can't End Soon Enough! 
The Jewish Exponent was right to describe President Bush's fantasy of transforming the Arab world into a group of Jeffersonian democracies as being "in ruins" (Editorial: "Terror on the March," May 15).

The president's disengagement from the Middle East peace process during most of his administration has been a disaster. And the results of his mismanagement are on display in Gaza, Lebanon and, of course, in the disaster in Iraq.

While his belated desire to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians may be well-intentioned, it's doomed to failure because of the circumstances he has helped to create.

All we can hope for is that, in the not-too-distant future, a new and more responsible president will take up the task of working for peace. The era of Bush's misrule can't end too soon. 
M. Stein 

Art Exhibit Does Nothing but Undermine Israel 
Reading about the mixed Israeli and Arab art exhibit at Congregation Mishkan Shalom in the Jewish Exponent (City & Suburb: "Exhibit of Poster Art Meant to Spur Talk of Peace in the Middle East," May 15), I have to wonder what sources Rabbi Linda Holtzman and her Israel Action Committee use to keep abreast of the conflict.

How can these people rationalize such an exhibit, which they insist is being shown to express "equal suffering" between Israel and her Arab neighbors, when the vast majority of the Palestinian men on the street, when polled, scream to the world that they approve of killing and terrorizing Jews, and don't approve of negotiating for peace.

Don't they realize that the Arabs shoot, lob mortars or rockets expressly at Jewish civilian targets in order to kill, maim and terrorize?

Don't they realize that, ultimately, the Arabs have no intention of making peace with Israel? Instead, their goal is to destroy Israel entirely, and replace her with the 23rd Muslim Arab state in the Middle East.

I cannot comprehend at all how such an art display can be of any benefit whatsoever. 
Dr. H. Zigerman 

Show China That World's Watching — and It Cares

I hope the leadership of Jewish federations throughout the country have the courage to publicly state that America and the rest of the free world should boycott the Beijing Olympics (A Matter of Opinion: "Finding a Reason to Do Nothing," May 15).

I am not a fan of former President Jimmy Carter. But I give him credit for pulling the United States out of the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

I know what Hitler did to sanitize German anti-Semitism before the world was invited into Berlin to participate in the 1936 Olympics. The United States and the rest of the free world did not show any moral leadership back then.

Perhaps if enough men and women of all religious dominations got together now, we could make a statement.

So, Beijing, do not provide kosher food at the Olympics while you violate human rights in China, let alone Tibet, and help your fellow totalitarian "friends" do the same in Darfur.

I notice, and the free world notices. And here's hoping the Jewish world notices — and declares "never again!" 
Paul L. Newman 
Merion Station

Eating Meat Damages Environment and People 
I applaud the Jewish Exponent for publishing a story about the need for humane treatment of animals destined for slaughter (Health & Science: "To Market, to Market: Farmers Face Modern Dilemmas," May 15). It is so true.

As a Jew, I wonder how we can eat meat since it goes completely against our teachings. The excuse that we must eat meat because without it we won't get enough protein is bogus. There are many power weight-lifters who do not consume meat or dairy products, and are the most incredible human specimens on earth!

It's about time that everyone became aware of the harm being done to the environment –and to our well-being — by the meat industry. 
Paul Thandi 
Vancouver, British Columbia


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