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The world resounded this week with yet another round of protests against Israeli cruelty to the people of Gaza, who were subjected to air attacks, and cuts in power and fuel, that critics say endangered the lives of many innocent people.

But like virtually every other propaganda offensive conducted against the Jewish state by the Palestinians and their cheerleaders in the West, these charges are pure bunk.

Yes, the people of Gaza are victims. But the villains here are the Hamas terrorists who got elected by the same constituency that's now crying foul. Hamas has used the land Israel unilaterally and completely withdrew from in 2005 as a launching pad for missile attacks on Israeli towns, villages and farms across the internationally recognized border of the Jewish state. Rather than use the vast sums of international aid they've received to help alleviate poverty in Gaza, they have spent it to continue a campaign of terror.

Israel's response to the barrage of missiles in the south has been limited to occasional targeted strikes against terrorists — coupled with a halt of the stream of supplies to what is clearly a hostile and war-hungry foe — though it's stopped short of an all-out closure.

Would any other country in the world be expected to allow their people to be subjected to similar attacks? Would not the response from even the most liberal of democracies in Western Europe be nothing short of all-out war?

If the people of Gaza are untroubled by the policies of their Hamas rulers — as seems to be the case — then they cannot complain when Israel exercises its legal right to self-defense. If they want more electricity from Israel, then they should put a stop to missile attacks. If not, then they must bear the cost of Hamas' war. 



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