Letters Week of April 18, 2013


This week's letters argue that demonizing the NRA isn't the answer and that a local busines has taken tutoring to a whole new level.

Demonizing the NRA Isn’t the Answer

Contrary to the Exponent’s April 11 editorial “Fighting Back,” more gun laws will do nothing to stop the next Sandy Hook from occurring. The strict gun law of 1994 was revoked for this very reason. Short of confiscating every gun from every American household — and there are hundreds of millions of them — guns will be used by the deranged to kill. And if you think that confiscation is the solution, I would remind you that not that long ago, an unstable individual knifed 14 people at a Texas university.

The National Rifle Association wields significant power because it is supported by tens of millions of our fellow Americans who believe that the Second Amendment gives them the right to own guns. When massacres like Sandy Hook occur, all of us want to do something to prevent them from happening again. However, doing something that is ineffective and impinges on the Second Amendment rights provided by the Constitution is the wrong thing to do.

What can be done is to make it easier to institutionalize the violent mentally ill and to clamp down on the massive gratuitous violence found in movies and games. Just for the record, assault weapons were banned in the 1930s; low capacity magazines are easily changed into high capacity magazines; and unless you’re willing to destroy the Constitution and institute a dictatorship, evil will at times prevail. Demonizing the NRA may make you feel better, but only until the next massacre.

Steve Heitner, Port Jefferson Station, N.Y.

Taking Tutoring to the ‘Next Step’

Thank you for the Exponent’s recent article on tutoring in its special section on education, “The Next Step.”

While I appreciate being included in the overall tutoring arena,
I was somewhat disappointed that Aristotle Circle, of which I’m the regional education adviser, was not distinguished from the others, as a “peer-to-peer” tutoring organization, a seminal element of our tutoring concept. I stressed that aspect of our program because I thought it would help potential parents and students explore their tutoring options.

Rob Stoller, Philadelphia


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