A Frightening Reawakening: Europe’s Old Demons Return to Haunt


British Parliament member Dennis MaShane writes in The Washington Post (www.washingtonpost. com) on Sept. 4 about the new anti-Semitism:

"Hatred of Jews has reached new heights in Europe, and many points south and east of the old continent. Last year, I chaired a blue-ribbon committee of British parliamentarians, including former ministers and a party leader, that examined the problem of anti-Semitism in Britain. None of us are Jewish or active in the unending debates on the Israeli-Palestinian question.

"Our report showed a pattern of fear among a small number of British citizens — there are around 300,000 Jews in Britain, of whom about a third are observant — that is not acceptable in a modern democracy. Synagogues attacked. Jewish schoolboys jostled on public transportation. Rabbis punched and knifed. British Jews feeling compelled to raise millions to provide private security for their weddings and community events. On campuses, militant anti-Jewish students fueled by Islamist or far-left hate seeking to prevent Jewish students from expressing their opinions.

"More worrisome was what we described as anti-Jewish discourse, a mood and tone whenever Jews are discussed, whether in the media, at universities, among the liberal media elite or at dinner parties of modish London. To express any support for Israel or any feeling for the right of a Jewish state to exist produces denunciation, even contempt.

"Our report sent a shock wave through the British government. [Former prime minister] Tony Blair called us in, and told his staff to fan out throughout government departments and produce answers to the problems we outlined. To Britain's credit, the Blair administration produced a formal government response setting out tough new guidelines for the police to investigate anti-Semitic attacks and for universities to stop anti-Jewish ideology from taking root on campuses. Britain's Foreign Office has been told to protest to Arab states that allow anti-Jewish broadcasts.

"Tony Blair's successor, Gordon Brown, recently said in London that he stood with Israel 'in bad times, as well as good times,' and one of the remarkable turnarounds of the new Labor leadership that governs Britain is a strong support for Israel and its commitment to combating anti-Semitism. The problem is worse in other European countries. Polish politician Maciej Marian Giertych published a pamphlet under the auspices of the European Parliament that attacked Jews. No action has been taken against him. France and Germany have seen anti-Jewish attacks. Some references to Jews in the Lithuanian press do not bear translating.

"Europe is reawakening its old demons, but today, there is a difference. The old anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism have morphed into something more dangerous. Anti-Semitism today is officially sanctioned state ideology, and is being turned into a mobilizing and organizing force to recruit thousands in a new crusade — the word is chosen deliberately — to eradicate Jewishness from the region whence it came, and to weaken and undermine all the humanist values of rule of law, tolerance and respect for core rights, such as free expression, that Jews have fought for over time.

"The president of Iran is the most odious example of this new state-sanctioned anti-Semitism. But from the Egyptian Writers Union to the notorious anti-Jewish articles in the charters of Hamas and Hezbollah, hatred of Jews is an integral element of a new ideology rising to prominence in many regions of the world.

"Democracies always take their time — often too much time — to recognize and face a totalitarian threat when it is posed in ideological terms. In prewar Europe, conservatives were soft on right-wing ideologies because they were seen as being anti-Communist and anti-labor. In postwar Europe, socialists were soft on the Soviet Union because the Communists appeared to challenge capitalism and imperialism. Today, there is still denial about the universal ideology of the new anti-Semitism. It has power and reach, and it enters into the soft underbelly of the Western mindset that does not like Jews or what Israel does to defend its right to exist.

"We are at the beginning of a long intellectual and ideological struggle. It is not about Jews or Israel. It is about everything democrats have long fought for: the truth without fear, no matter one's religion or political beliefs. The new anti-Semitism threatens all of humanity. The Jew-haters must not pass."


The 'Times' Needs to Face the Facts: 'Almost All Terrorists Are Muslim'

Investigative journalist Steven Emerson writes in the National Review (www.nationalreview.com) on Sept. 6 about the New York Times' continued whitewashing of American Islamists:

"Another article by Neil MacFarquhar on an Islamist group in America means another complete whitewash.

"In what has become a disturbing trend, MacFarquhar covered the Islamic Society of North America convention over Labor Day Weekend. In his article, MacFarquhar not only gives a free pass to Islamists, but at the same time dismisses legitimate criticism of the Department of Justice's presence at the conference, which seems especially inappropriate — and newsworthy — when it is considered that ISNA has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the ongoing Hamas fundraising trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.

"In the process, MacFarquhar completely ignores damning information about ISNA that came out during the trial, including such things as its foundations in the Muslim Brotherhood and its multiple financial contributions to Hamas through its subsidiary, the North American Islamic Trust.

"Furthermore, the article is tantamount to a hit piece against Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Rep. Sue Myrick. MacFarquhar allows ISNA keynote speaker, Rep. Keith Ellison, to attack his colleagues for a letter they wrote challenging the DOJ's decision to officially participate in the ISNA conference. Hoekstra and Myrick never criticized Islam or minorities. Rather, they criticized ISNA as an organization, a particular Muslim Brotherhood front group with a long and documented history of support for terrorism. And this, of course, is the very reason ISNA ended up on the list of unindicted co-conspirators in the HLF trial in the first place.

"MacFarquhar and Ellison have themselves conspired to engage in one of the Islamists' oldest tricks in the book, and a favorite of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, conflating radical organizations with the entire religion of Islam, which is dishonest in the extreme, and only serves to hurt decent American Muslims.

"For Ellison to make these outrageous slurs on the heels of speaking at a Muslim Brotherhood conference — and after previously speaking at a MAS-ICNA conference, notorious for its ultra-radical and violent (just a sampling) speakers and platforms — is even more egregious.

"What is even more galling is when Islamist groups raise the red herring of 'racism,' then claim it is the fault of others, never acknowledging that most acts of terrorism today are carried out by Muslims.

"As Abdel Rahman al-Rashed, the general manager of Saudi-based satellite news channel, Al-Arabiya, eloquently and sadly wrote: 'It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims.' "


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