Happy N​ew Year!



Weekly newspapers are an odd lot. Stories are not printed 365 days a year, but in increments of 52 weeks. So, when the publishing date falls on something whimsical (say, Feb. 14) or historic (July 4, Sept. 11, Dec. 7), writers and editors can really sink their teeth into something.

The date of this paper is Jan. 1. By the time you read this, the new year will have arrived. And with it come all those resolutions — how one person seeks to eat better or lose weight, another to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, and still another to start or finish a project, make a bold career move, or spend more time with family and friends.

But if there's one common thread we'll all share, it's that 2009 will bring change, probably more than in past years. Nationally, there will be a new government with a president who ran on such a platform. Internationally, countries will have to face a changing economic environment, one that might not be so positive. And earlier this week, a cloud of change blew through the Middle East; what it brings we don't yet know.

Closer to home, this paper will get a new editor and a new look. The coverage and sections will change — perhaps not radically, but in ways that shift with people, politics and the periodical goings-on of Greater Philadelphia.

Buckle your seat belts; it's going to be an interesting ride. 



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