Letters- week of 02/23/06


Stand With Denmark, as They Stood With Us!

When Hitler invaded Denmark during the World War II, Denmark's protection of – and solidarity with – its Jewish population was unprecedented.

Not only did Denmark's non-Jewish citizens help get their Jews to safety in Sweden, but in a show of solidarity, many Danes also donned yellow Stars of David, when Jews were required by the Nazis to do so. As the story goes, the king of Denmark himself set the example.

Writing as a child of a Holocaust survivor, I propose that with the worldwide Muslim boycott costing Denmark companies more than $1 million per day (Nation & World: "Cartoon Backlash Casts a Long Dark Shadow Over Europe," Feb. 9), that Jews everywhere go out of their way to purchase goods made in Denmark.

As for the problem of purchasing nonkosher food from Denmark, if you keep kosher, purchase it anyway, then donate it to your local food bank.

Denmark stood by us in our hour of need. It's time that we return the favor. 
Edward Berg 
Egg Harbor, N.J.

The Only Way to Resist: Publish Danish Cartoons

I'm writing to say that, as a member of the media in a free society, the Jewish Exponenthad a responsibility to publish the controversial cartoons that depicted Islam's Prophet Mohammed (A Matter of Opinion: "Welcome to Eurabia!" Feb. 9).

I can understand the indignation of having one's own religion – and its religious leaders – portrayed in unflattering, even blasphemous, ways by secularists in the mainstream media.

But guess what? It happens to Christians all the time in America and Europe!

But indignation is never an excuse for violence. And threats of violence need to be resisted in free nations. I think the best form of resistance to Islamo-fascist threats here is to publish those cartoons.

As freedom-loving people, we need to show solidarity with the people of Europe and in support of freedom of the press. You need to publish the Danish cartoons. 
Regina Miller 
Holland, Pa.

What Does 'Mainstream' Mean in the Arab World?

Is the reaction of the Muslim world – with its outrageous, disproportionate response to some arguably distasteful cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed (A Matter of Opinion: "Welcome to Eurabia!" Feb. 9) – a product of its "mainstream" thought?

There has been scant condemnation of the violence, which has burned embassies, torched businesses and threatened death to non-Muslims who had nothing at all to do with the publications.

Compared to the horrific, vicious fare of anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist and anti-American hatred whipped up daily in Muslim media, how can we believe that this behavior is only representative of radical extremism in the Islamic world?

"Moderate" Muslims are going to have to content themselves with being misunderstood by the "infidels," who have seen and lived with evidence of Muslim aggression, intolerance and excuses for jihad for the last 100 years! 
Lee Bender 

Ex-Terror Supporter: Fess Up to Past Wrongdoing!

If someone wants to be considered an ex-supporter or member of a terror group, he or she should not only acknowledge their previous positions, but also explain why they've crossed over to the other side (A Matter of Opinion: "Do Terror Ties Really Matter?" Feb. 2).

At the very least, he or she should scrape away all the rhetoric about the lies that such groups have continuously spread all over the world.

The basic question is: Can we ever believe a person such as Khalil Shikaki, who teaches at Brandeis University?

By action and by words, he must show that his past is not a part of him now. If someone committed a crime 10 years ago and has lived cleanly since, he or she still needs to pay a penalty for previous wrongdoing. So must Shikaki, especially if he's to be part of a Jewish school. 
Sidney E. Kaz 

Standoff on Nukes Affects Plight of Iranian Jews

In recent weeks, Iran has gone against the United Nations, and has moved further in the direction of developing nuclear weapons.

As governments in the West prepare to deal with this country, action must be considered. Will the United States or Israel make a pre-emptive strike against Iran to destroy Iranian nuclear reactors, and if so, what will be the fate of the 30,000 Jews who live there?

The consequence of a preemptive salvo against Iran would set the Muslim world ablaze. Jews living in Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and other nations would become targets of angry crowds that have been indoctrinated since birth to blindly hate the Jews.

The Jews have been in Iran (Persia) for thousands of years, long before Islam existed. Persian Jewish history is a proud one, and it's not so easy to simply vacate your home.

Jewish organizations must be cognizant that the Islamists in power in Tehran may see a renewed call for Iranian Jews to immigrate as an offensive gesture. This may jeopardize the existing status of the 30,000 left. 
Shelomo Alfassa 
Executive director 
International Sephardic Leadership Council 
New York, N.Y.

Shame on You to Run a Picture of Two Tablets

I was displeased with the Jewish Exponent's decision to to run a photograph of the Ten Commandments at the Jewish Community Services Building on the front page (Cover: "New Attachments," Feb. 9) because it included the four-letter Hebrew name of G-d.

This showed great insensitivity to Jewish tradition, which does not permit the destruction of published material which includes this name.

The decision to add, "For the proper disposal of that page, contact your rabbi" at the end of the article on Page 8 does not excuse the irresponsibility of publishing the picture.

It was not necessary anyway since the article (City & Suburb: "Researchers Uncover a Weighty Past") sufficiently describes what's in the photo. 
Eli Schwartz 



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