Where Religion and Politics Intersect




With about eight weeks left to go till election day, local attorney Jeffrey Pasek, president of the Jewish Social Policy Action Network (J-SPAN) spoke on Sept. 4 about the influence of religion in politics. During the lunchtime meeting, attended by more than 50 members of Hadassah of Greater Philadelphia, the attorney referred to key moments in American history where faith played a role — for example, the religious convictions of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, along with the number of politicians who have quoted the Bible or have made reference to God in their speeches. He argued that in the current election season, religion is influencing voters' and candidates' views on certain hot-button campaign issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage. He also discussed landmark freedom of religion cases that have affected laws in the United States and the influence of religion in education. Pasek is pictured here with Ruth Schultz (left), chairwoman of the lunch & learn session, and Jill Bernhardt Goldstone, president of Hadassah of Greater Philadelphia.


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