Letters week of March 18, 2010


Illustration's Misleading, Maybe Even Anti-Semitic

You published an anti- Semitic graphic on the front page of the March 11 issue (Cover story: "Pinpointing Israel on Campus"). It resembles cartoons printed in the Lustige Blätter, a weekly German humor magazine published during the Nazi era.

This depiction of the Magen David as Israeli fighter jets encompassing a blue-and-white globe recalls the stereotypical threat that Jews seek world-dominance.

Furthermore, the graphic is totally unrelated to the accompanying article regarding Israel-related campus activism.

Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D. 

Robert R. Guzzardi 

Editor's Note: Last week's illustration was intended to depict the kind of propaganda being used to vilify Israel on campus and elsewhere. 

Why Does the U.S. Keep Criticizing Jewish State?

Vice President Joe Biden delivers some harsh words for Israel's building homes for its citizens (Editorial: "A More Direct Message," March 11).

Yet where were his and President Barack Obama's harsh words regarding Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians? Was that creating a trusting relationship?

Why is the United States always condemning Israel for its "disproportionate" response whenever the Jewish state retaliates to halt rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas?

Just look at the Goldstone report. It condemns only Israel's behavior, and ignores Palestinian terrorism, which was Israel's reason for retaliating in the first place.

Two states existing side by side peacefully — it sounds lovely, and is obviously what everyone desires, but the Muslims cannot accept the concept.

Their goal is to have everyone accept Allah or, as a nonbeliever, be beheaded or remain a dhimmi, a second-class citizen.

Julius Romanoff 

Beauty of Photographs Captures Jewish Poland

I read with interest Robert Leiter's book review, " 'No Life Left' Here?" in the Feb. 11 issue. I did not know of the book he reviewed, Rediscovering Traces of Memory, and I look forward to obtaining it.

I had the opportunity to visit Krakow five years ago. I did not expect to like Poland, where so many of my family perished, but I did; Mr. Leiter's description of the nation as "puzzling" is apt.

We spent a day in Kazimierz in the falling snow. It was very strange to go into Jewish buildings, even synagogues, where almost everyone we met, from visitors to employees, was not Jewish.

We started our visit that day at the newly opened Galicia Museum. ("Jewish" was added to the name more recently.)  Founder Chris Schwartz's photographs were amazing, and it gave us a wonderful start to our explorations. I wrote to him after we returned to Philly, as the images he took stayed with me. He even wrote back.

Schwartz died in 2007, at far too young an age, but I'm glad to see that his art and legacy live on, most recently through the book Mr. Leiter reviewed.

Tali Segal 

Thanks for an Elegant Critique of a Useful Film

I just read Michael Elkin's article (Movie Mania: "Razing Barnes," Feb. 25), and was very glad to know that others are as furious as I am about "The Art of the Steal" that's been going on at the Barnes Foundation. I could never understand how this egregious situation was condoned by anyone!

I hope to see the movie soon, and just wanted to let Mr. Elkin and the paper know how much I appreciated his eloquence.

Janice Shengold 


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