Letters Week of March 21, 2013


Is Obama a polarizing president? Plus ways to help a sick Israeli child and some more Passover substitutions to help you cook

Obama’s a Polarizing President?

The letter from Steve Heitner, titled “ ‘The Most Polarizing President in History,’ ” in the March 13 issue gives exaggerated credit to President Barack Obama for polarizing attributes.

Richard Nixon ran for president with a supposed secret plan to end the Vietnam War. The lies and failure surrounding that plan led to massive street demonstrations that many thought were a precursor to revolution.

Franklin Roosevelt boasted about the hostility directed his way by the privileged classes. Now there’s a man who spoke the language of class war. In comparison, Obama is playing tiddly winks with the “1 percent.”

Let’s not forget Abraham Lincoln. There was fair warning that his election in 1860 would lead to a total break up of the union. And it did!

And the Republicans should be dealt with in a fair and respectful manner.

Isn’t that a good one. Current Republicans at the national level know all about respecting the views of others.

Edward R. Moses | Philadelphia

How to Help a Sick Israeli Child

I saw the article on the 5-year-old boy, Harel, from Israel who has a rare cancer and flew with his father to Philadelphia for an experimental treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (“Israeli Child Comes to Philly for Treatment,” March 7). It broke my heart to read that the father had to leave his pregnant wife in Israel so his son could get this treatment to save his young life.

The article said the family has to raise $500,000 to cover this treatment. There was not a link in the paper of where people can send donations if they want to help this family. I called and was told I could make a donation with the following link: indiegogo.com/projects/save-harel/contributions/new or send a check made out to “Lahosheet Yad” and mail it to Nir Hoter, c/o Harel Dabush, 17 North Branch Drive, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08003.

Lauren Finkelstein | New York, N.Y.

Here Are Some More Passover Substitutions

Thank you for the Passover substitutions featured in the food section of your March 14 issue (“The Holiday When Substitutions Matter Most). Such helpful tips make Passover cooking and food preparation that much easier.

Might I add some substitutions to the list for those of us who observe a vegan Jewish lifestyle?

Instead of 1 egg, use 1 Tbsp. ground flax seed plus 3 Tbsps. warm water or 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce.

Instead of 1 cup of dairy milk, use 1 cup of almond, hemp or coconut milk.

Instead of 1 Tbsp. of gelatin, use 1 Tbsp. of agar-agar flakes or 1 teaspoon of agar powder.

Instead of 1 cup of beef/chicken broth, use 1 cup of vegetable broth.

Instead of 1 stick of dairy butter, use 1 stick of vegan margarine (certified Kosher for Passover).

The above substitutions will make any Passover meal delicious, healthful and cruelty-free.

Dara Lovitz | Bala Cynwyd


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