Sta​nd Up and Be Counted


There are few times during the year when we can stand up as a community to be counted. Super Sunday is one of those times. On Jan. 25, hundreds of volunteers will come together for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia's annual fund-raising outreach to the community.

With the world mired in economic crisis and Jewish organizations suffering from declining dollars, it behooves us all to remember the critical role Federation plays in developing and sustaining Jewish life here, in Israel and elsewhere around the world.

The Federation, like all charitable organizations, is grappling with how to respond to growing needs at a time of tremendous despair. Leaders of the organization — operating under the premise that, in order to be most effective, priorities need to be established — have identified three primary areas for future funding: comprehensive care for the elderly; formal and informal Jewish education for our youth; and critical services for Israel and others around the world, including impoverished seniors in the former Soviet Union.

Tzedakah is a concept we Jews learn from an early age. So whether you're making calls or receiving them on Sunday, help make this effort a success, for now is the time to be counted. 



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