Letters week of Jan. 14, 2010



Why Should We Thank Him for Ditching Judaism?

I was saddened after reading Alex Cohen's letter regarding intermarriage in the Jan. 7 issue. Most troubling is Mr. Cohen's rationalization that he's actually doing the Jewish community a favor by not marrying a Jewish woman. He says that we should be both "celebrating" and "thanking" him.

Thanking him for what?

For disavowing a beautiful faith that is still here after thousands of years, despite efforts to annihilate the Jewish people since the beginning of time? Should we also thank him for not marrying a Jewish woman so that his last name, which has been passed down to him from the high priests, won't be given to future generations?

And finally, how dare he call Jews concerned about intermarriage "hypocrites."

Mr. Cohen, you call yourself a "nonbelieving, nonreligious Jew," yet you read the Jewish Exponent. Just who is really the hypocrite here?
Nanette Schriftman
Huntingdon Valley

Move to Make Pope Saint Lets a Wound Fester

Pope Benedict XVI is moving forward to bring Pope Pius XII closer to sainthood (Nation & World: "In the Aftermath of Pius Move, Pope Practices a Delicate P.R. Dance," Jan. 7).

Yet the Vatican archives from that tragic period, during which 6,000,000 Jews were rounded up and murdered, are still closed. One has to wonder why and if there is any connection between that decision, the Church's long history of anti-Semitism, and the fact that both Hitler and Himmler were Catholics.

I think it's time for the Church to recognize its responsibilities to itself and the rest of the world and — to use a cliché — to come clean about its past.

Thus, I disagree with Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, who was quoted in your story, who feels the pope's visit to the synagogue in Rome is "far more telling about the state of Catholic-Jewish relations" than Benedict's decision about canonization.

I strongly feel that the elevation of Pope Pius XII to sainthood without full disclosure of what he did or didn't do during his reign lets an open wound fester, and is a mistake.
Peter R. Waitze

Movie Didn't Even Take an Educated Stab at Jews

Michael Elkin is way off base in his review of the film "An Education" ("Movie Mania: "Testing Mettle of the Golden Rules," Jan. 7) in which he finds no fault with the scum-bag David Goldman being identified as a Jew.

The question is why must he be so identified? It adds nothing to the story line. He is the personification of the Nazi depiction of the Jew as a dishonest, conniving scoundrel who delights in preying on Christian virgins. All he needed was a hook nose and fangs to fit the Nazi caricature of a Jewish male.

I can find no reason to applaud a film with such a gratuitous anti-Semitic message.
David B. Rosenberg
Vineland, N.J.

More Programs in Works for Young Kehillah Group

Thanks so much for including the picture ("Photo of the Week," Jan. 7) from the intergenerational program that took place on Dec. 25, at the Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life in Horsham. More than 200 people attended.

The event was sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. We also worked with the coordinators of Federation's Kehillah of Old York Road and Kehillah of Bux-Mont.

The Kehillah Young Family Program Committee continues to be in development, and we look forward to offering other events in the near future.

Anyone interested in learning more can call 215-646-4500.
Mindy Levin Reibstein



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