Letters Week of July 23, 2009


I'll Even Vote for Palin, If She Can Beat Obama
The headline for the JTA cover story "U.S. Jews Offer Little Resistance to Obama Policy" (July 16) was terrible. First of all, the president chose to speak to only selected Jewish groups — ones that already agreed with him!

His Cairo speech was at least delivered in front of the world media and all of Islam. This latest speech was given behind closed doors to a group of his Jewish supporters.

I was a fanatic for Barack Obama after his speech at the Democratic convention. But I became scared of him after discovering about his "spiritual mentor," Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom he cheered on for 20 years.

Obama deflected questions about his mentor by giving a speech on race in Philadelphia. Shamefully, most Jews voted for him. They would not vote for a follower of Louis Farrakhan, yet they voted for a Christian version of him.

I am a former Democrat, and now an independent, because the Democratic Party is infested with anti-Semites and self-hating Jews. In the next election, I'll vote for anyone with a chance to beat Obama — even if it's Sarah Palin!

Albert Reingewirtz

Headline on Story Was More Like a Dead Line
While the JTA cover story, with the contributions from Jewish Exponent staff writer Bryan Schwartzman, about President Barack Obama's meeting with leaders from 14 Jewish groups was informative, it hardly warranted its erroneous headline ("U.S. Jews Offer Little Resistance to Obama Policy," July 16).

If the 16 U.S. Jews present at the White House did, in fact, display a feeble and feckless resistance to the president's policy, then they should not be cited as "U.S. Jews," since they certainly were not representing our — or many other — Jews' positions … and all of us are U.S. Jews!

On the other hand, if as the article suggests, there was considerable resistance from some of the spokesmen, particularly to what has been the Obama administration's behavior toward Israel and the articulation of its position, then your choice of headline is simply incorrect.

Perhaps whoever chose the headline, placing it at the top of the fold, merely wished to catch the readers' attention.

Unfortunately, one cannot be sure whether he or she was making a joyous announcement — or sounding a ringing alert.

Beryl and Morris Dean
Bala Cynwyd

U.S. Health Care: A Maze, Getting More Complicated
As discussed in your July 9 editorial, "Honing In on Health," health care in America is currently at a crossroads. The unfortunate fact is that our current system is itself sick.

The World Health Organization ranks it last among industrialized nations — and below any number of others. Yet our per capita cost is about twice the average.

What we have is a confusing maze that's getting more complicated and less effective. At the helm are the same executive types who brought us the dot.com bust and our current economic mess.

I've spoken to visitors from six different countries with single-payer systems. Every one of them loves the system, and thinks that ours is archaic and appalling.

There's no need for "middle people" in health care. Doctors would love nothing more than to be unchained from this bureaucratic nightmare, as would all of us lucky enough to have health coverage. Don't let the $30 million per month (of our premiums, mind you!) that the insurance lobby is using to fight universal coverage sway your thinking.

Single-payer coverage is the proven best system, albeit not perfect. If such a system isn't possible, we at least need a competitive, government-run option. Health care should be about health, not profit.

Harvey Schwartz
Bellingham, Wash.



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