Educators to Get More Education


Teachers at the preschool and kindergarten of Adath Israel in Merion Station and the Early Childhood Education Center of Tiferet Bet Israel in Blue Bell have been chosen by the Legacy Heritage Institute to participate in an early-childhood education pilot program affiliated with Gratz College.

The three-year program, to begin in September, will provide these teachers with 18 credit hours of college-level courses and a certificate in early-childhood education, in addition to stipends.

Members of the institute's Gratz faculty plan to continue to provide assistance to the teachers' classrooms once the program is completed.

"Early-childhood education programs are opportunities for people to really look at their priorities, and what they want for their children and their future," said institute director Lyndall Miller.

The institute anticipates that Adath Israel and Tiferet Bet Israel participants will help mentor communities with similar programs in the area.

Said Miller: "We want the schools to be models, but we also want each school to develop their own goals."

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