Dead on Arrival



The best-case scenario for the Palestinians' official application for U.N. membership is for it to land in the Security Council DOA, dead on arrival. It is up to the Europeans and others to help make that happen.

So far, the United States has stood alone in attempting to quash what should be recognized by all as a feeble attempt to circumvent the hard work of negotiations to achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas showed his true colors with a speech to the General Assembly last week that hearkened back to the belligerence of Yasser Arafat. And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite his impassioned defense of Israel's security needs and appeal for negotiations without preconditions, was once again rebuffed.

While a few weeks ago it seemed likely that the United States would be forced to use its veto at the Security Council to quash the statehood resolution, now it's uncertain that the Palestinians will be able to get the nine votes needed to bring it to the council. There is still the likelihood that the General Assembly will vote to bestow non-member status on the Palestinians. But the sooner we get past the shenanigans at the United Nations, the sooner we can determine whether there's any real chance for progress in the coming new year. Let us all pray, along with our brothers and sisters in Israel, that the answer is yes.