Letters Week of Feb. 28, 2013


A reader urges others to contact the White House on Iran while another insists that the community should buy Israeli goods whenever possibe

Urge Readers to Contact White House on Iran

Thank you for the timely editorial on the inherent dangers of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons (“Darker Side of the Day,” Feb. 21). Exponent readers as well as the broader populace should know that to Iran’s leaders, America is still “the Great Satan.”

A nuclear-armed Iran could strike at America, Israel or both, and just knowing that the Iranians possess such a weapon will only embolden its Hamas and Hezbollah proxies. There is also the danger of a “dirty bomb” or triggering an electro-magnetic pulse.

For these reasons, we call on the Exponent to urge readers to phone or write the White House to demand that President Barack Obama cease granting waivers in existing Iran sanctions laws that weaken the pressure those sanctions were designed to foster, and to eliminate loopholes Iran and its suppliers and trading partners have used to circumvent sanctions. President Obama further must make it clear that a military strike — an option we hope can be avoided — is not merely an idle threat.

Lee Bender; Howard Katzoff; Steve Feldman, Zionist Organization of America

Our Belief in God Remains Unshakeable

In the opinion piece written by Rabbi Neil Cooper in the Jan 31 Exponent, “God’s Plan Cannot Include Killing of Children,” the author has difficulty understanding how a just God would have the ability or the audacity to kill children. He is referring to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We all are still in mourning about this event and our prayers go out to the families.

My surprise is with Rabbi Copper whose piece basically doubts that God has any place in this tragic event.

We can further assume that Rabbi Cooper is proposing a breakdown in the belief of God since this event challenges the human mind. How can a just God do such evil?

For a rabbi to write such a thing is beyond comprehension. It might be appropriate if done by a lay person. However, for a rabbi to write such agnostic thoughts is to my mind reprehensible.

Go back in history. Jewish people, including at least a million children, were killed in gas chambers. Did they lose faith? No. Many of them recited the “Shema,” a prayer declaring that God is the ruler of the universe, even in the darkest hour. We believe in God in good times as well as bad times.

Rabbi Jack Gorin,  Philadelphia

Buy Israeli Goods Whenever Possible

The “Buy Israel Week” supplement in the Feb. 21 Exponent was informative regarding Israeli products. Missing in the report was an emphasis on the utter seriousness of the BDS campaign, and why buying Israeli products is so desirable. BDS is a vicious global effort to poison hearts and minds against the Jewish state.

Arab public relations firms work 24/7 to destroy Israel. BDS tentacles have penetrated into universities, here and abroad. Stores carrying Israeli products are picketed. Israelis have been “disinvited” from many international meetings and competitions despite being “next in line.” Entertainers, authors and musicians are contacted and lobbied to cancel performances in Israel. If Israeli groups travel abroad they are met with hostility, demonstrations and aggressive efforts to close them down.

“Buy Israel Goods” whenever possible. It is not the same as buying Girl Scout cookies.

Roberta E. Dzubow, Plymouth Meeting


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