Knitted Brow? Knitted Bow!


With all her bigtime Broadway credits as producer, who knew that Ruth Hendel was also involved in an off-Broadway fringe festival?

"I've been making tallitsim for almost 20 years," she reveals, recalling her start a few years before her son — now 29 — had his Bar Mitzvah.

Over the years, she has made more than a triple-chai's worth for friends and family. And while Broadway has always loomed large in her lustrous life, so has the loom.

"I have one at home and belong to the Weaving Center," at what is a converted convent gym, in Tarrytown, N.Y., following up on a talent she had discovered in high school.

Big Brother isn't watching over her — but a Big Sister is: A loosely-knit group of Hendel and friends from her synagogue, gathers regularly at the center, where they are taught and mentored by, appropriately, a woman of the cloth: Sister Bianca Haglich.

And, if given the opportunity, Hendel would love to stitch her artistic interests together. Maybe going from theater apron to weaving outside the black box?

"If only I had the time," she says of a warp-speed schedule that would provide its own good yarn on Broadway, "I'd make some tallitsim for some of the Jewish playwrights I know." 


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