Letters Week of July 29, 2010



Despite Budget Woes, Group Has Lots to Give

I would like to react to the July 15 cover story, "Finding the Feasible Path to Inclusion."

As board chair of InterFaithways, I believe that we should not be discouraged regarding recent allocations developments — our cause is right, at the right time!

I plan to fight to continue and grow InterFaithways and stay with this course until we find a long-term solution in our community.

I still believe that the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is our best place to be most effective, and where we can really make a difference. I plan to continue to find funding to reach the intermarried, the fastest-growing segment of the Jewish population.

As a community, we have received valuable information from the 2009 "Jewish Population Study of Greater Philadelphia" that tells us that intermarriage is the most critical issue facing our community, with serious ramifications for the future of Judaism.

The Jewish community is starting to get to know InterFaithways and what we do, and Federation has also noticed our efforts. We have a long way to go, but I am not giving up on our mission to serve interfaith couples and families.

Leonard Wasserman
Chairman of the board


'Sunny' Spread Sunshine Wherever She Went

I commend the Jewish Exponent for honoring the memory of Sunny Feldman, a longtime teacher at the Raymond and Ruth Perelman Jewish Day School, in an obituary in the July 22 issue. While many people possess some good qualities, few possess as many outstanding qualities as Sunny did.

She gave of herself to anyone and everyone who needed her, and spread sunshine wherever she went.

Still, I feel the need to add some thoughts.

Sunny was like family.

My husband and I, our children and grandchildren, all loved her dearly. Sunny was part of every family get-together and will be sorely missed. We treasure the beautiful memories she left us.

Without her, the world will be a less sunny place.

Marjie Surden


Why Use That Word to Describe J Street?

In your July 22 editorial about the rivalry of Rep. Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey, you have referred to J Street as a "controversial political lobby."

While the rest of the editorial was intended to be balanced, the use of the pejorative adjective "controversial" was not balanced.

"Controversial" connotes "questionable," and that "there may be something bad about it." This use is not appropriate for a balanced newspaper.

Harold Jacobs


Thanks for Portraying Adopted City Positively

A Philadelphian by birth and Louisvillian by choice (after marrying a native son 45 years ago), I was delighted to read your recent travel article about my adopted hometown in the Jewish Exponent ("In the Home Stretch: Louisville," June 17).

When I lived in Philly, we considered areas west of Pittsburgh (even just west of Harrisburg) as the countryside.

Friends and relatives offered condolences when they heard that my husband and I would be living in Louisville; now, those same people envy our decision.

I thank you for portraying "us" in such a positive way. There really is life outside of the big cities — and it's a good life at that.

Phyllis Shaikun



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